Project manager CRM/Salesforce

Consultant ERP/SAP

Office Support (4 specialities)

6 months in Lyon – 5 months of internship – 100% financed by Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

7 months in Lyon – 4 months internship – 100% financed by Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

3,5 months in Lyon – 1,5 months of internship – 100% financed by Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

Explore the dynamic role of a CRM Project Manager

As a consultant in Information Systems specializing in Customer Relationship Management, Web Marketing, and e-Commerce, you will propel your company into the heart of customer expectations: swift communication, personalized follow-up, digitalization of data, automation, and real-time reporting on marketing performance and sales.

Does your profile align with these concepts? Eager to learn more? Discover our tailored training program centered around SALESFORCE, crafted to meet market demands, and reignite your career.

Fully Funded Training in AUVERGNE RHONE ALPES​

Our training programs are fully funded by the Region of AUVERGNE RHONE ALPES for both registered and non-registered job seekers with FRANCE TRAVAIL, regardless of their residential address. For those currently receiving unemployment benefits, rest assured that these will continue throughout the entire duration of the training, including any internship period, until they are depleted. Additionally, for those not receiving any form of remuneration, the Region of AUVERGNE RHONE ALPES offers a monthly allowance. Contact us for further details. It’s worth highlighting that at EDUMOTIV, we handle all the paperwork and provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

We warmly welcome individuals from various nationalities. However, to participate in our programs, it is necessary to be registered with France Travail and possess a minimum French language proficiency of level B1.

Introducing EASE, the Alumni Association​

At EDUMOTIV, your journey goes beyond just our training programs. As you embark on your learning experience with us, you’re invited to join EASE, the Alumni Association, where you’ll forge lasting connections with fellow learners and unlock a wealth of benefits tailored to support your personal growth. From valuable resources to guide you through your individual projects to vibrant bi-annual events, including festive evenings designed to expand your professional network, EASE is here to enrich your journey with us.

Revolutionizing Learning: The EDUMOTIV Approach​

  • Practical – Through hands-on projects and real-world activities, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of applying acquired knowledge and skills in professional scenarios.
  • Personalized – Work at your own pace and receive personalized feedback on your performance.
  • Experiential – Immerse yourself in real-life experiences within a practice-based company setting.
  • Collaborative – Constantly communicate with your team to progress collectively on your projects

Operational Expertise: Meet Our Specialists​

At EDUMOTIV, we’re proud to introduce you to our exceptional cadre of experts, each bringing a wealth of experience from diverse sectors including tertiary, industrial, logistics, and the cutting-edge realms of information technology and digital innovation.

Our instructors don’t just teach – they actively shape the landscape of their respective industries, ensuring that every lesson is grounded in real-world relevance. By maintaining active roles in their professions, they guarantee that our students receive insights that are not only up-to-date but also reflect the pulse of today’s dynamic market.




 With 20 years of experience in managing SAP and CRM IT projects, web applications, and fluency in English, Alexandre, an EM Lyon business school graduate, injects innovation into our educational endeavors.

Boasting 20 years as a project manager for major corporations, Patrick holds coaching certification and utilizes renowned team-building methodologies to infuse meaning into team efforts, all while proficiently communicating in English.

With 25 years serving as a Director of Information Systems in the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors, Philippe guides our ERP and CRM trainee teams toward project success with his wealth of experience.

Discover Our Location !​

Located just 20 minutes from both Part Dieu and Perrache train stations, the Mermoz district is the ideal hub for your educational journey.

Located at 18 rue Jacqueline Auriol, 69008 LYON, the EDUMOTIV training center is situated within walking distance of “Bachut” tramway station (8-minutes) and “Mermoz Pinel” metro station (10-minutes ). Nearby, a cozy dining area accommodating 24 people and the adjacent square provide the perfect settings for fostering friendly atmosphere, ensuring maximum focus during your studies.

Accessibility Guaranteed !   

As an Establishment Receiving the Public (ERP), the EDUMOTIV center is fully accessible to learners with reduced mobility (PMR). We welcome all applicants, and accommodations can be arranged as needed to ensure a seamless learning experience for everyone.