ARCOLE, the News

As you may have discovered in our previous article, Edumotiv has truly demonstrated innovation with the launch of the Arcole project: a fully dematerialized warehouse through an immersive virtual reality experience.

Thanks to the fruitful collaboration between Alexandre Gain and Filippo Rigato, this project has seen many advancements and improvements. Here are the main ones:

The warehouse interface

With the 3D Blender software, we designed the entire Ekovya warehouse by materializing its content: pallets, boxes, etc. Ekovya products will also be integrated soon.

The warehouse was then transferred to the Unity software to add all possible interactions within the virtual space, such as moving boxes, using the pallet truck, or simply turning a switch on and off. Cameras have been integrated into the warehouse to monitor user actions. This helps reinforce the safety awareness planned for our training sessions. Trainees will be able to learn from their mistakes thanks to this system, as all their actions will be recorded, and they will be able to see what they did not do correctly.