Consultant ERP/SAP Training 2024

7 months in Lyon - 100% funded for job seekers​

Duration: 7 months in Lyon
Funding: Fully funded for job seekers
Employment Rate After Training: 79% average, calculated from trainees securing contracts of over 3 months post-training.

Detailed Program Overview

  • Role Preparation: Become an “ERP Consultant”, a vital role in enterprises, adapting ERP systems based on diverse software solutions and management skills.
  • Process: From application to acceptance takes 2 weeks to a month.
  • Structure: 1/3 seminars, 2/3 projects at our practice firm, EKOVYA.
  • Duration: 910 hours, targeting a Master’s level education.

Training Experience

  • Develop and deliver ERP or CRM systems, tailoring to real-world business needs.
  • Intense teamwork experience under a project director’s guidance.
  • Continual professional development and project delivery within our practice firm.

Career Prospects

ERP/CRM/Software Consultant roles including Functional, Technical, Industry-specific, Testing, Pre-sales, and Access Management Consultants, as well as Sales, ERP Trainer, ERP Project Manager, and various support roles in project oversight.


  • Average score of 12/20 on our placement test.
  • Proficient English (spoken and written).
  • Strong professional project and ability to work independently.


  • Weekly schedule: 35 hours, split into morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Location: Centre EDUMOTIV, Lyon.
  • Accessible facilities for individuals with disabilities.
  • Contact our disability officer at for support.