Project manager CRM/Salesforce training 2024​

6 months in Lyon - 100% funded for job seekers​

Duration: 6 months in Lyon
Funding: Fully funded for job seekers
Upcoming Start: To be announced
Employment Rate After Training: Data forthcoming, with the first session’s results available September 2024.

Detailed Program Overview

  • Role Preparation: Become a “CRM Project Manager,” crucial for implementing and managing SALESFORCE solutions within companies.
  • Process: Application to acceptance is completed within 1 week.
  • Structure: 1/3 seminars, 2/3 practical projects.
  • Duration: 840 hours, aiming for a Master’s level qualification.
  • Eligibility: Open exclusively to job seekers, whether compensated or not.
  • Support: Potential for stipends; further details available upon contact.

Training Experience

  • Development and Delivery: Design, implement, and launch SALESFORCE systems tailored to the needs of B2B service sector clients.
  • Teamwork: Experience demanding teamwork under the leadership of a project director.
  • Professional Growth: Ongoing development and practical application of skills within our training firm.

Career Prospects

Roles include CRM Project Manager, CRM Consultant, Functional and Technical Consultant, and more specialized positions within software project management and implementation.


  • Academic: Minimum average of 12/20 on our placement test.
  • Language: Proficiency in English required.
  • Assessment: Placement tests in English, office skills, logic, and written French; adapted assessments for candidates with non-French educational backgrounds.


  • Weekly Hours: 35 hours split between remote and on-site work.

  • Location: Centre EDUMOTIV, Lyon.

  • Accessibility: Facilities accommodate individuals with disabilities; contact for specific support needs.

  • Contact for disability support: