Office Support (4 specialities) Training 2024​

3.5 months in Lyon - 100% funded for job seekers Next school year : - April 23, 2024

Train for positions such as Accounting and Payroll Assistant, Accounting and HR Assistant, Sales Assistant, and Executive Assistant.

Duration: Approximately 3.5 months in Lyon
Funding: Fully funded for job seekers

Accounting & Payroll Assistant

Responsible for maintaining accounts, this role involves gathering and verifying accounting data, conducting closing operations, and preparing regulatory documents. The payroll manager collects, analyzes, and processes information related to all employees (leave, absences, work hours, overtime) to calculate salaries and prepare pay slips.

HR & Payroll Assistant

In charge of accounting, this role involves gathering and verifying accounting data, conducting closing operations, and preparing regulatory documents. The human resources assistant handles recruitment and daily personnel management, including employment contracts, declarations, and employee training plans, depending on the company size.

Sales Assistant

To support the company’s sales activities, this role involves interacting with clients. The sales assistant prospects, negotiates, and manages all operations related to product sales, reporting to the Sales Director.

Executive Assistant

As the right hand of the management, the executive assistant handles various administrative, organizational, human, and commercial tasks. Responsibilities are diverse and may include organizing events, visiting suppliers, project follow-ups, contributing to website design, taking meeting notes, preparing reports, and participating in legal declarations.

Program Details

  • Process: From application to acceptance takes two weeks to a month.
  • Structure: 1/3 seminars, 2/3 projects within our practice firm EKOVYA.
  • Hours: 497 hours, targeting an Associate degree level (Bac+2).
  • Eligibility: Open exclusively to job seekers, whether compensated or not.
  • Support: Potential for stipends; contact us for details.

Training Experience

  • Development: Perform tasks related to your chosen role—Accounting, Payroll, HR, Sales, or Executive Assistance.
  • Practical Application: Engage with real-world business needs in B2B service sectors like innovation, trade, communications, and consulting at our training firm “EKOVYA”.
  • Teamwork and Leadership: Work under the intensive and demanding guidance of the “Global Support” service director.

Career Prospects

  • Positions include Accounting Assistant, HR Assistant, Internal Salesperson, Business Developer, Payroll Manager, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Project Assistant, and more.


  • Academic: Minimum average of 10/20 on our placement test.
  • Language: English proficiency required for Sales and Executive Assistant roles.
  • Independence: Ability to work autonomously.

Assessment Methods

  • Evaluations: Include quizzes and practical cases during seminars, assessments of professional demeanor, and evaluations of project deliverables from our pedagogical company, Ekovya.


  • Weekly Schedule: 35 hours from Monday to Friday, split into morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Location: Centre EDUMOTIV, Lyon, with some local travel for events.
  • Accessibility: Facilities are accessible for individuals with disabilities; contact our disability officer at for support.