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Experience the Unthinkable​

Step into the extraordinary realm of Arcole, where education transcends boundaries and immerses you in a dynamic world of virtual reality. Developed by the trailblazing minds at Edumotiv, Arcole is not just a project, it’s a groundbreaking adventure that redefines the very essence of training.

Ekovya: Virtual Reality Training​

Ekovya is our fictional company used for educational purposes in our training programs. It specializes in selling services and equipment that contribute to other companies’ ecological transition.

Due to space constraints, it was not feasible to set up a physical Ekovya warehouse. Therefore, we opted for a virtual approach by creating a virtual warehouse, providing trainees with an immersive and realistic experience.

Through a virtual reality headset, trainees are fully immersed in Ekovya’s warehouse, offering an unparalleled immersive experience.

This innovative approach will be integrated into all our training programs. We believe that warehouse management is a crucial skill we aim to develop in all our trainees. This virtual experience will launch in September 2023, adding a new dimension to our training and enhancing its effectiveness.

Safety Elevated to New Heights​

Safety isn’t just a priority, it’s our obsession. At Arcole, we’ve crafted a secure environment where you can immerse yourself in learning without worry. With real-time monitoring and recording of your actions, both within the virtual warehouse and your physical surroundings, Arcole ensures a seamless and secure learning journey.

Open Your Learning Potential​

With tasks ranging from stock management using cutting-edge ERP software to navigating through challenging scenarios like erroneous orders and damaged goods, Arcole pushes the boundaries of traditional learning. Located virtually at 18 Rue Jacqueline Auriol, our warehouse offers an expansive playground for honing your skills.

The actors

Edumotiv is a training organization specializing in project management, CRM/SALESFORCE, ERP/SAP, and tertiary sector professions. Recognizing the importance of virtual immersion training, Edumotiv has positioned itself as a leader in virtual reality projects to enhance the experience of its trainees.

Filippo Rigato is Edumotiv’s collaborator on this project. Working internationally, he is responsible for designing the warehouse on Unity while monitoring the project in real-time to ensure complete alignment between Ekovya’s needs and the warehouse.

E5 Consulting is the audit, training, and consulting partner for industrial companies in all their QSSE (Quality, Safety, Security, and Environment) projects. As Edumotiv’s consulting and training partner, E5 Consulting designs scenarios related to safety and risk prevention.

formation lyon financée

Dolibarr is an open-source ERP/CRM solution used by Ekovya, our training company. This ERP will manage stocks, sales, and orders.

Virtual Dawn is a Finnish company specializing in educational solutions in virtual reality. Thanks to this company, Edumotiv has gained access to a virtual warehouse base for its training programs. Virtual Dawn is also Edumotiv’s consulting and training partner for the Unity software.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region is the primary funder of Edumotiv’s training programs. As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation, Edumotiv includes virtual reality among its various projects.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, established by Europe, funds Filippo’s mobility, enabling his collaboration with Edumotiv.

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