Welcome to PROLANG!

Innovative Pedagogical Initiative by Edumotiv and Inclusine on Accelerating the Professional and Social Integration of Allophone Migrants

The Context​

Since 2021, France has issued 720,000 visas, offering opportunities for migrants seeking employment. However, many find themselves in positions below their qualifications due to language barriers and unfamiliarity with the French workplace.

In the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, there has been a shortage of skilled labor in the industrial sector for several years, forcing employers to abandon certain growth projects.

That’s why Edumotiv and Inclusine have decided to propose an innovative training program: PROLANG

The Project​

PROLANG aims to equip allophone individuals with the skills needed for jobs in various sectors, emphasizing mastery of French for professional settings.

Engage in Interactive Learning Modules

Immerse yourself in interactive simulations at EKOVYA, our virtual learning platform. Here, theoretical concepts come to life as participants tackle real-world challenges, honing their skills and gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

The Resources

  • Linguistic Mediators: Facilitate quick comprehension of industry seminars, focusing on key skills and eco-energy transition.
  • French Language Courses: Daily FLE and FOS classes enhance linguistic proficiency.
  • Innovative Approaches: TNF labeling, Fail Fast, Feedback loops, and the Voltaire project introduce new learning methodologies.
  • Practical Application: Theoretical lessons and practical simulations at EKOVYA ensure hands-on learning and skill application.

The Journey

  • Individualized Pathways: Tailored training based on entry assessments ensures personalized learning experiences.
  • Qualification Phase: Customized support helps participants identify career goals and needs.
  • Boot Camp: Intensive French courses build language proficiency and foundational knowledge.
  • Training Period: 11 months of comprehensive French and vocational training.
  • Integration Phase: Supportive guidance aids transition into the professional world.