EASE: Empowering Edumotiv Alumni Through Community

Welcome to EASE, the Edumotiv Alumni Support and Empowerment association, open to all Edumotiv trainees, instructors, and partners.

Who Are We?

Established in 2018 by former Edumotiv trainees and instructors, EASE fosters connections among alumni, current trainees, instructors, and industry partners. Our diverse membership brings together individuals with rich experiences, creating an environment conducive to idea exchange and mutual growth.

Our Team

Thierry Raffin, President
Alexandre Gain, Treasurer
Eric Loumaizia, Secretary

Joining EASE

Membership in EASE offers unique benefits, including:

  • Networking Events: Join our biannual networking events in June and November to connect with fellow alumni, expand your professional network, and explore career opportunities.
  • MyWay Coaching: Access personalized coaching sessions to address employment-related challenges and enhance your career prospects.
  • Employment Café: Participate in small group sessions focused on employment-related topics, where certified coaches provide tailored guidance and support.
  • Best Practices Club: Engage in discussions on project experiences, best practices, and emerging trends in the field, at our biannual events.
  • HR-Accounting-Payroll Club: Delve into topics related to HR, accounting, and payroll management during our biannual gatherings.

How to Join

Membership is open to all past Edumotiv trainees. Simply visit our website to complete the registration process. A membership fee of €25 supports our association’s activities and projects.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring 2024 Networking Event: April 19, 2024
  • Fall 2024-2025 Networking Event: Date to be announced
  • End-of-Year 2024-2025 Networking Event: Date to be announced
  • Spring 2025 Networking Event: Date to be announced

Alumni Stories


Recent addition Djaniss, 18, joined us for a training internship as part of his diploma requirements. He found valuable experience in IT inventory management and support during his time with us.


« This internship has been really useful for me! Alexandre gave me a lot of autonomy, which allowed me to progress at my own pace! I was able to apply many of the knowledge I acquired in high school, which only confirms my passion for computer science. Additionally, the company is very well equipped, and the atmosphere is nice. »


Farès, a BTS SIO student, completed two five-week IT internships with us, focusing on network architecture and software management.


« This internship was very interesting because it allowed me to see several aspects of computer science. I was able to explore certain areas that were previously unknown to me. It was very useful for my training. »


Joyce completed a 5-month internship from May to September 2023 at the EDUMOTIV center. It was an internship in computer science to conclude her Bachelor’s degree in Systems Administration, Networks, and Databases. Voluntary and dynamic, Joyce was able to participate in various tasks such as managing the information system with the ITSM tool (iTop), implementing the BCP (Business Continuity Plan), and configuring monitoring and inventory tools (Zabbix, OCS Inventory).


Nancy completed a communication internship at the EDUMOTIV center from April to June 2023 as part of her second year of Marketing Techniques degree. Specializing in Brand Strategy and Events, this internship served as her introduction to the communication field, allowing her to acquire new skills.

Her main tasks included creating social media content, updating the website, and developing an editorial calendar. She also gained familiarity with video content creation tools such as cameras, lighting, and Adobe software. This internship enabled her to develop a communication strategy for the EDUMOTIV center.

« This internship was very enriching for me as it provided me with a high level of autonomy, allowing me to apply the skills I had acquired during my studies. EDUMOTIV is a family-owned company that gives its interns diverse responsibilities. This internship was a success for me as it allowed me to envision my professional future and continue with this company for my final year of alternating studies. »