Project manager CRM/Salesforce training 2024

6 months in Lyon - 100% funded for job seekers

Duration: 6 months in Lyon
Funding: Fully funded for job seekers
Upcoming Start: To be announced
Employment Rate After Training: Data forthcoming, with the first session’s results available September 2024.

Detailed Program Overview:

Role Preparation: Become a « CRM Project Manager, » crucial for implementing and managing SALESFORCE solutions within companies.
Process: Application to acceptance is completed within 1 week.
Structure: 1/3 seminars, 2/3 practical projects.
Duration: 840 hours, aiming for a Master’s level qualification.
Eligibility: Open exclusively to job seekers, whether compensated or not.
Support: Potential for stipends; further details available upon contact.

Training Experience:

Development and Delivery: Design, implement, and launch SALESFORCE systems tailored to the needs of B2B service sector clients.
Teamwork: Experience demanding teamwork under the leadership of a project director.
Professional Growth: Ongoing development and practical application of skills within our training firm.

Career Prospects:

Roles include CRM Project Manager, CRM Consultant, Functional and Technical Consultant, and more specialized positions within software project management and implementation.


Academic: Minimum average of 12/20 on our placement test.
Language: Proficiency in English required.
Assessment: Placement tests in English, office skills, logic, and written French; adapted assessments for candidates with non-French educational backgrounds.


Weekly Hours: 35 hours split between remote and on-site work.
Location: Centre EDUMOTIV, Lyon.
Accessibility: Facilities accommodate individuals with disabilities; contact for specific support needs.

Contact for disability support: